Tino McKamey

Tino is the founder and majority shareholder in AASE LLC and is the Comptroller overseeing the financial health of the company as well as the Accounts Payable and Receivable.

Kevin Jordan

Kevin is the President and Managing Partner of AASE LLC with experience back to 1991 as a Security Consultant and Protection Agent for government officials and dignitaries, athletes and celebrities.

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust Your Event With

AASE will provide for you and your event the wealth of our experience. Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their event needs speaks for itself. There's no substitution for the best. AASE provides services for some of the most demanding and largest events to come to the area with accolades and recognition for our consistency of service and professionalism.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Staff

The complex, important, and often out-of-the-box world in which we work can attract the best and brightest conventions to seek us out from around the world. And we've been lucky enough to hire and collaborate with the best of the best in the business.


03. We Treat You and Your Attendees with Respect

Whether your event is having it's 100th conference or it's first, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We’re committed to providing you with top notch support and the depth of our experience and knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, guest /attendee experience and understanding of your goals and desired outcome.

Melissa Jordan

Melissa is the General Manager of AASE overseeing it's daily operation and deployments of personnel to the events and conferences.

James "Jim" Sidor

Jim aka the Supreme Commander is the leader of the Supervisory Team that monitors and oversees the security officers assigned to the events, conferences and conventions where we provide Licensed Security Officers.

What makes us different?

Ray Jordan

Ray is the Operations Manager for AASE LLC  overseeing Security Officer Staff as the Executive Officer and Department Chief.

Ray is also a Commercial and Private Pilot and allowing Our VIPs options to arrivals at venues and bookings.

Our staff

About Us

Neal Kaplan

Neal as a former educator is the Corporate Training Manager overseeing the training standards of the company and updating those standards as we adapt to the constant change in practices and expectations in the post 9/11 world.

Megan Allen

Megan is the Staffing Team Manager and oversees the operations of the registration desks and clerical staff operations as well as the welcome staff and booth attendees to greet guests.

Rodney Herman

With more than 2 decades of experience Rodney has done it all from patrol to ownership in his own security company.

Commitment to Excellence


Our AASE team is committed to the best event experience we can provide through the use of our professional staff of Registration Desk Clerical Staff / Greeters and Security Officers.

Since 2005 AASE worked hard to develop its personnel and reputation as one of the best providers of event staffing to conventions and conferences that we serve.

AASE management is always on-hand and ready to address your needs and adapt to situations that undoubtedly arise when putting on an event.

Our goal is to blend seamlessly into your event management staff and work with you as a partner in your success not merely as a subcontractor.

AASE prides itself with many recurring and long-term relationships with our event clients some all the way back to our inception in 2005!

AASE maintains that commitment today providing hundreds of hours of planning to create a plan of action that best suits the needs of your event and its individual  specifications.