Unusual Cargo Security

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Festivals / Block Parties

National Security Consulting

Did you know that AASE can do your Security Consulting anywhere you need? AASE may be based out of Orlando but we have done consulting work nationwide to help our clients assess the venues where they are having future events.

We have a team of consultants that can go ahead and secure information on the venue, hire and oversee the local security company in that area and provide you with an AASE Security Manager to ensure that company performs to your specifications and your guest service levels are held at the same high standards as AASE provides while you are here in Florida.

AASE's team of Security Consultant experts can go where you need them and have your expectations met wherever you go!

Ask for more information.

Private Booth Security

AASE K9 Support Services / Explosive Detection Dogs

AASE can offer an additional measure of screening and safety to our Client's guests and attendees by having a passive search conducted by certified Explosive Detection Dogs who can pick up on the scents that are given off by body worn explosive devices or in bags and luggage.

Speak with your AASE Security Consultant about this and other methods of detection that your event can benefit from as well as setting you and your staff at ease that all counter-measures have been initiated to thwart anyone with bad intent toward your event.

AASE security requests are fulfilled AACFP Security Officers are Licensed and Trained prior to their assignment in compliance with the regulations of the state under which they assigned and work.

FL B500153         

Registration Clerks/Badge Distribution

Weapon Scanning

AASE has walk-thru and handheld weapon scanners available to ensure that your guests and attendees are not carrying weapons that are not permitted by the venue or the show management.

Ask your AASE Representative for more details.

Sporting Event Security

Concert Events Security

Front of House / Back of House


Brand Ambassadors / Booth Promotion